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Judges' Award

From molecules to the mind: using big data towards earlier autism diagnosis

Chloe Yap

Inclusion Award

Securing food for future generations

Christabel Webber

Highly Commended Award

Inspiring tomorrow's innovators

Fiona Holmstrom

Highly Commended Award

Impacts of biochar on soil carbon pools and nitrogen transformations in viticulture of South East QLD

Kate Kingston

Highly Commended Award

Taking Cutting-Edge STEM out of the labs and onto the streets!

Sally McPhee


Jury Award

Fighting creepy with crawly: using spider venoms to make next-generation antiparasitic drugs

Samantha Nixon

People's Choice Award

Trimming the Fat: targeting novel genetic factors and molecules that drive obesity

Denuja Karunakaran

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Jury Award

Indigenous climate change adaptation

Toni Hay


Jury Award

Fishing for plastics: from ocean to plate

Amanda Dawson

People's Choice Award

Taming weeds without herbicides

Anu Choudhary

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Jury Award

People in focus: protecting the eyesight of people with diabetes

Clare Villalba


Jury Award

Sustainable livestock production and gender equity, hand in hand

Cécile Godde

People's Choice Award

Mission inflammation: guarding against collateral damage in infection


Amy Chan


Jury Award

Spinifex grass: hidden gold in the Australian landscape

Nasim Amiralian

People's Choice Award

Investigating the effect snake venom has on our blood to help develop new life-changing medicines

Jordan Debono


Jury and People’s Choice Awards

Saving the ageing brain

Shyuan Ngo

Jury Award

STEM education and engagement

Linda Pfeiffer

Jury Award

Sticky toffee causing power "outages" in diabetes

Josephine Forbes


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