Strong Female Cyber Security Role Model / Mentor

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I am a Security Leader in Ericsson responsible for Cyber Security, Information Security, Product Security, Operational Security and Privacy for Ericsson Market Area, working with Customer Units, R&D, Global Services and Business Areas with goal of securing Ericsson across all areas end to end.

I have 20 Years’ experience in Secure Classified Networks and Cyber Security. Previously held senior roles in the Australian Federal Government's CERT, Australian Federal Parliament Secure Communication Network, Federal Government’s ASNET and Department of Defence. Formerly the Manager of Cyber Security Operations at USC's Institute for Cyber Investigations and Forensics and Manager - IT Systems Portfolio. Formerly a Senior Technical Advisor and Assistant Director at CERT Australia for five years, assisting Systems of National Interest manage cyber incidents, reporting and handling, along with briefing industry partners, setting up CERT Australia's regional information sharing communities across Australia and liaising with other Agencies and Law Enforcement in investigations.

BENEFIT – A description of the benefit of your work to Queensland (max 500 words)

Working out of Queensland and being a Senior Cyber Security leader for Ericsson and the first Senior role to be based in Queensland, I opened the door for others to also move to Queensland and work remote for Ericsson. This enables the sharing of information locally and partnering with customers who have operations in Brisbane who did not have as much contact previously.

ROLE MODEL – Why do you think you are a good role model for women and girls aspiring to work in STEM? (max 500 words)
I have been a mentor for Tech Girls are superheroes, for women who code, for Australian Computer Societies Big Day In where I spoke at three different events The BiG Day In events are aimed at senior secondary school and university students interested in careers in ICT and technology. 

BiG Day In helps students obtain more information about ICT and technology careers, and hopefully helps them make a better informed decision about their future.  

I have mentored numerous female staff in security to grow their careers and am very passionate about getting girls and women to consider Cyber and STEM careers and help demystify the myths that are around about having to be a coder or it being a boys club.

I worked for the University of the Sunshine Coast and partnered with CISCO to provide a scholarship for a student place for a female to do their Grad Cert in Cyber.

I am a good role model because I've worked my way through the ranks I've done almost all cyber security roles and can talk in depth about them and risen to the top through a previously thought male dominated career.

ENGAGEMENT – Describe any STEM promotion or engagement activities that you have undertaken, including both scientific and non-scientific audiences, particularly with women and girls (maximum 500 words)
I have been involved in working with Australian Computer Society on their Big Day In events for Schools in Queensland (UQ and All Sunshine Coast high schools), Women who Code, Women in Cyber, Tech Girls are Superhero's, as mentioned previously partnered with CISCO to provide a scholarship for a female Graduate Certificate place at the University of the Sunshine Coast Queensland.