Manager of Community Programs & Engagement

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Celeste is passionate about creating opportunities surrounding digital technologies and creative solutions in the support of communities. As a young and focused Birrigubba Juru, South Sea Islander woman, Celeste endeavours to champion the ideas and build platforms for First Nations people everywhere, building capability and confidence. She is passionate about digital inclusion and empowering young people to achieve their goals in technology.

Celeste is an advocate for women in technology and strives to create spaces where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can come together and learn, innovate and create.

Please note, I am nominating Celeste with her consent. As such, the video inlcuded does not directly address the questions but offers insight into Celeste and her work.

BENEFIT – A description of the benefit of your work to Queensland (max 500 words)

Celeste works to promote and actively include both women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in STEM and technology fields.

ROLE MODEL – Why do you think you are a good role model for women and girls aspiring to work in STEM? (max 500 words)

Celeste is a proud Birrigubba woman from Townsville/Burdekin region in Far North Queensland with a Bachelors of Technology and Innovation. She is an inspiration to women and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples interested in STEM, particularly technology. She has notable experience with inspiring and engaging Indigenous youth in topics related to STEM.

ENGAGEMENT – Describe any STEM promotion or engagement activities that you have undertaken, including both scientific and non-scientific audiences, particularly with women and girls (maximum 500 words)

Celeste has extensive experience in community engagement, having worked in numerous roles, including her current role as manager of Community Programs & Engagement at the Indigenous owned tech company, Indigitek. Celeste was also previously Program producer for non-for-profit organisation, Girl Geek Academy and Program Facilitator at
the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence. Celeste specialises in engaging young women and Indigenous communities in tech related programs or inititives.