Origin Energy Ltd
Operation Cyber Security Analyst

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I am a cyber security analyst for a critical national infrastructure. I am part of the security operation center. 
My job is to make sure we keep the light on for all of Queensland and Australia. 

In my team we monitor network traffic, access management, phishing campaign investigations, threat hunting, incident response and vulnerability assessment.

With the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine all our industry is in a heightened cyber security threat environment to ensure that Russian threats do not put Australians in the dark. This is an interesting time to be part of such an industry and at times it can 
also be very stressful.

BENEFIT – A description of the benefit of your work to Queensland (max 500 words)

As being part of the security operation center for a critical national infrastructure, our role is to make sure that everyone in Australia and Queensland will have access without any disruption to all the facilities necessary to our daily lives. 

We also make sure to keep all our customers data safe.

ROLE MODEL – Why do you think you are a good role model for women and girls aspiring to work in STEM? (max 500 words)

I went through a very long study journey before lending my job in cyber security. When I meet with women during events and share my story, women
tend to admire my determination and resilience. I do not take no for an answer and I do not give up on my dreams. I have testimonials from women 
that I inspired through sharing my experience.

Further to my daily job, I am also a Brisbane Chapter Lead for the Australian Women in Security Network. AWSN's aim is to help girls and women entering 
the industry or transitioning from a previous career to the cyber security industry.

In addition to my role at AWSN, I also promote the cyber security industry to young girls in high schools and colleges with the Australian Computer Society (ACS) during "Girls in ICT Day" events.

I was also nominated "unsung hero" at the Australian Women in Security Awards 2021 that runs nationally. 

Back in 2019, I also did some mentoring with the Women in Technology association. 

ENGAGEMENT – Describe any STEM promotion or engagement activities that you have undertaken, including both scientific and non-scientific audiences, particularly with women and girls (maximum 500 words)

At AWSN we provide a range of different programs and opportunities to the women in the community via events, subsidised programs and scholarships to make knowledge, training and support more accessible to women. We also provide mentoring and attempt to promote the cyber security industry at different events under the AWSN umbrella.

As part of my Brisbane Chapter Lead role I coordinate and organise events, I find new sponsors, I meet with the government to build programs for women in cyber security and attempts industry events to represent women in the cyber security industry. 

As I also believe the gender gap issue in the industry should be tackled at the root, with research showing that girls opt-out of STEM at 6 years of age. This is in part due to a lack of visible female role models and a lack of understanding of what STEM professionals do.
Accordingly, I am also partnering with the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and I joined them for "Girls in ICT Day" in colleges and high schools in order to promote the industry to younger girls.